The Advantage Of Patches

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Maxipatch delivers active ingredient to the cells of the body starting with its application on the skin through the use of a technology called transdermal delivery.

The workings of the human digestive system make the use of tablets comparatively less effective. A sizeable amount of the nutrients contained in tablets do not get to their actual destination as they are destroyed by the mechanism of the digestive system.

Maxipatch holds better prospects

Your skin is the medium through which the natural and proven nutrients that make up Maxipatch get absorbed into the blood after its application on the skin. This way, the digestive system is bypassed together with the side effects that accompany the use of a good number of other supplements.

The ease and privacy associated with the use of Macipatch is appealing. There will be no need to load your pockets or bags with tablets anytime you are set to go out. You have a better alternative in Maxipatch. Go for it today.

The ingredients put together to produce Maxipatch are natural and powerful. It is completely devoid of any side-effects, thanks to its use of transdermal technology. It is completely effective and safe.

You need not lost sleep as to the safety of each patch even when swimming because they are waterproof. None will be wasted.

It is a known fact that medicine delivery through the use of tablets without the application of transdermal technology and patches is bedeviled with many problems.

Though individual digestion and absorption rates differs, yet experts are of the view that the digestive system destroy nothing less than 90% of the nutrients contained in tablets.

You may have seen some ads on TV about friendly bacteria (probiotics) which are said to help in the breakdown of tablets or food particles. Well, that is true but you must be prepared to experience the low absorption rates associated with the use of these probiotics.

Antibiotics are present in the human internal system and could exterminate probiotics as they are never compatible. This means going back to ground zero.

About 90% of the nutrients contained in tablets has gone; 10% remaining beats your digestive system mechanism. Another problem arises – getting into the bloodstream and the actual cells where they are needed.

It should be noted that the absorption of nutrients taken orally may be grossly undermined as a result of the existence of other nutrients in the digestive system.

The list of problems associated with tablets orally taken is not yet exhausted. Do you know how much stomach acid you produce internally? It isn’t the same for everyone. For those with high stomach acid PH, breaking down metallic compounds contained in tablets may pose some difficulties.

Good enough, you don’t need to be unsettled by these problems as long as you use transdermal technology

All you need for a day is a patch. You bypass your imperfect digestive system and apply it on your skin. The nutrients easily get absorbed right into your bloodstream.

Taking high dose is unnecessary as the nutrients gets to the targeted cells.  Transdermal technology, no doubt, holds the hopes for the future.

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