MaxiPatch Ingredients

Did you know that with capsules and tablets most of the nutrients aren’t absorbed by your body, but instead are wasted? By using MaxiPatch you can actually benefit by putting the ingredients straight to where your body needs them most.

It’s not just the delivery system that makes this effective, it is also the ingredients:

Tongkat Alli (root) 10mg
Tongkat Alli is a tree native to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and has been called the “Asian Viagra” by a report in the New Sunday Times.

Pomegranate (fruit) 10mg
Know for its ability to increase blood flow and it’s antioxidants it is one of the keys to penis health. By keeping your blood vessels functioning at their best it preserves nitric oxide which relaxes the tissue and increased the blood flow in the penis.

Guarana (fruit) 10mg
Guarana has been shown to enhance sex drive in both sexes. It also is believed to improve sexual stamina and have an impact on male sexual performance.

Horny goat weed (leaf) 10mg
This aphrodisiac was first mentioned in ancient Chinese medicinal texts as Epimedium or Yin Yang Huo. Whatever you call it just know that along with improved erectile function in men it has been shown to increase sexual desire in men and women.
The amounts of nutrients can be much smaller that in the typical pills because with Trans-Dermal delivery they go straight to your bloodstream as they absorbed through your skin. This also enables it to works much faster than pills and tablets.

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